As a senior executive, you are all about making decisions. From strategic plans to keeping ahead of the competition, your mind is always going. You have a responsibility to yourself, your team, and stakeholders to move initiatives forward. What often slips to the back burner is your personal financial life, and the decisions that need to be made for you and your family. As your Chief Financial Advocate™ we persevere on your behalf, coordinating your affairs in a way that seamlessly orchestrates your financial decisions, freeing up your time and energy so you can live the life you want to live. Learn more.

  • Confidentiality is at the heart of our services. As a high-level executive, you live much of your life publicly. We understand that your personal finances must remain completely confidential.
  • Our clients are limited to a select group of executives and their families that will most benefit from our services, which include wealth preservation, investment consulting, wealth protection, tax mitigation, and wealth transfer to your loved ones. See our Optimal Financial Life Formula.
  • Through our 5-step Optimal Financial Life Process, we collaborate with your established team of professionals, or those from our professional network, to identify and solve the critical financial challenges you and your family are facing.
  • As we form a long-term relationship with you, we collaborate with you through the many stages of your financial life including Career, Couples, Children, Commitment to Faith, Community, Care for Parents, and Cardio.
  • HWMG recognizes that you have many financial services firms asking for your business. Unlike them, HWMG takes a full life approach that includes all aspects of your life. If you are a referral from one of our clients or from a strategic partner, HWMG offers a complimentary, no obligation service which encompasses a 2nd look at your existing investment and life strategies using our Optimal Financial Life Process. Register with Us and we'll contact you to make an appointment.



Greg Greg Hurley


Greg founded Hurley Wealth Management Group with the goal of significantly impacting the lives of executives and their families while maintaining the balance of life he advocates, which includes allocating his time and resources among the 7 C's: Career, Couples, Children, Commitment to Faith, Community, Care for Parents, and Cardio.

Greg has been in the financial services industry for nearly two decades. He has a passion for numbers and specializes in finding items that impede a person's ability to achieve his or her financial goals. He then advocates for his clients to help ensure that the best possible outcome is realized -- helping them to live out their ideal balanced life.

Greg knows that numbers matter, and while attending California Lutheran University, he began his career in finance as a teller at California Federal Bank in Thousand Oaks.

In 2008 Greg earned the CFP/CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation.

He graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business, while at the same time advancing in his career as a financial consultant for Great Western Financial Securities.

Greg is actively involved with nonprofits with a focus on causes that utilize his keen abilities as a leader and as a Christian. Greg is actively involved with nonprofits with a focus on causes that utilize his keen abilities as a leader and as a Christian. These organizations include Epic Church SF, YoungLife Mid-Peninsula, SF City Impact and Generous Giving.


NicoleNicole Hurley
Vice President

Nicole is the wife of Greg Hurley, founder of  Hurley Wealth Management Group. Nicole's principal contribution is in the area of research.  Through the use of her gifted analytical skills and ability to breakdown issues, Nicole is able to identify real solutions for even the most complex client need.

In 2000, Nicole obtained her law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law. Nicole practiced law for 5 years, including several years as an estate planner and later as a litigator.

Nicole graduated cum laude from the University of San Francisco with a degree in American history and joined Hurley Wealth in 2006.

In addition to her work at Hurley Wealth Management Group, Nicole is a dedicated mother to their son Luke.  Nicole exemplifies the Hurley Wealth Management Group commitment to helping find that balanced life every busy executive seeks.




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